What choices are you making?

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The other day I went to the kitchen to make lunch and on the bench was some lovely fresh sourdough bread. My first thought was that would make an awesome sandwich – I should add here that I am gluten intolerant, so yeah at the time it might be good but later on not so good! As I was feeling unmotivated to make lunch this thought continued a bit longer until I remembered a great post I had recently read by Melissa from a path to wellness. The article talked about how we always have choices, everything we do is because we choose to do it. So with that in mind I chose to instead make a healthy salad that I knew would be better for me. It was like something changed inside my head and all of a sudden I thought hang on a minute you could be making a much better decision here. To be honest though the thought of a vegemite sandwich did stay in my mind for a long time!!


This small aha moment did get me a little excited – what else can I change in my life just by making a different decision? Let me just get one thing clear I am not talking about huge decisions and huge changes, I am talking about small simple decisions that we sometimes make without even thinking about it. These are two ways I came up with;


+ Instead of constantly thinking about my lack of money I plan to change it around and think about how I am currently spending my money and how that can be changed. What can I decide to do differently that in the long run will be better for me. Maybe I really don’t need that extra coffee, magazine or book.


+Instead of getting frustrated about being tired all the time I am going to think about what I am feeding my body, am I really making the best decisions or do I just like to think that I am. So whenever I go to eat something I now think is this the best thing for me? Will this make me feel better? If the answer is no, I don’t eat it and I make a different decision.


This concept made me realize that each of us holds so much power, we can totally chose what we want to do, who we want to be, how we want to think and what we want to believe. It’s about reminding yourself that in every moment you decide what you are going to do, no one else. YOU hold the power.


So I ask you how are you going to use your power? What decisions would you like to start making? What decisions could you maybe stop making? Share your thoughts and comments below I would love to hear from you.


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