My happiness project

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What exactly is happiness? How do we know we are truly happy? Does thinking about happiness actually make you happier? These questions and more were the focus of the book The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin (add link) I read and thoroughly enjoyed this book over the Christmas break. A quick overview for those who have not heard of it; Gretchen embarks on a year long happiness project, each month has a different focus and different resolutions to keep, with of course the over all aim of becoming happier. The book was a fascinating look into what makes people happy and the many different views that are surrounding this topic. I took away two main things from the book; the first being happiness is different for everyone, what makes one person happy may not make the next person and that’s ok. The second thing was to focus on the little things you do, how you speak, what you think and all those things we do without even thinking about it.


As you can imagine this got me thinking about my own happiness and what really makes me happy. I came to the conclusion that like many people I am not entirely sure what makes me happy. I also realized that I am guilty of doing things because I thought I should. An example of this is growing your own vegies. I like the idea of it and often read about people who get so excited about it, but I realized that this does not interest me and that’s ok. I am more than happy going to the market for my vegies. It’s all about finding what interests you and letting go of the rest; don’t do something just because you have heard how much other people love it.


I then naturally starting thinking about starting my own happiness project, what could I be doing to make myself happier? What could I focus on? What could I change? Instead of doing a year long happiness project I have decided to do one month starting in Feb. To me doing something for a year is a long time and a little bit overwhelming, focusing on a month seems a lot more achievable. Who knows I might have so much fun I do a second month.  My focus is going to be on nutrition + exercise. I have come up with a list of resolutions that I aim to stick to for the month. I will keep a chart of my progress and also take pictures to share with you all in a future post.


My overall focus: Nutrition + exercise.


My resolutions:

+ Drink 2L of water daily

+ Move my body everyday

+ See my personal trainer once a week

+ Cut out sugar from my diet

+ Write a gratitude list – I know this is not really nutrition and exercise but I really wanted to do it, so have included it anyway!!


So there you have it my resolutions for the month of Feb. As you can see they are not massive things and I’m not making any radical changes but I am sure if I stick to this I will feel better and happier.


So who will join me? What will your focus be? What are your resolutions? You still have a few days to decide. Think small, simple and achievable


Below is an example of my resolutions chart; I will tick it off everyday.

So come and join me, give it a go, you never know you might end up a little happier!!


  Water Exercise Personal Trainer No sugar Gratitude List



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