How to get back up when life gets you down

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We have all had them, those moments in life when things keep going wrong and everything seems hard. Why is it though that some people are able to get back up and keep going, they see past all that is happening, or they see it but keep going anyway? What makes them different to those who find it hard to get back up or who stay down for that little bit longer?


I 100% believe that we are all capable of being the first type of person. The one who bounces back, who keeps going no matter what. Most of it comes down to attitude as the starting quote said “Think positive and positive things will happen.” If you believe you can do something, you will. If you believe you can deal with whatever is happening, you will. Unfortunately the opposite also occurs. If you believe everything is too hard and you can’t cope, then guess what, you won’t cope and you will stay feeling down.


So how do we swift this belief from positive to negative, because lets face it we are all going to have things happen that bring us down, but the important thing is getting back up again. One thing I like to do is repeat positive affirmations (which I know to some people sounds really weird), but trust me it works. When those negative voices start to louder, repeating affirmations can help you get back to that positive place. Some affirmations I use are:

+ All is well.

+ I am capable of anything.

+ This too shall pass.

I especially like the last one as it reminds me that whatever I am feeling is ok, because it won’t last forever. There is no need to fight the way you are feeling, as eventually it will change.


As well as positive self-talk it is important to have a good self care plan that you can put in place when things don’t go according to plan. This includes things you do that make you feel happy, calmed, relaxed and take your mind off other things that are happening.  A good friend of mine told me she has a ‘happy book’ that contains a list of things that as the name suggests make her happy. When she is feeling down she opens the book and it gives her a nice reminder of how she can change how she is feeling. What could you include in your happy book? Here are some suggestions to get you started.

+ Have a shower / take a bath.

+ Listen to music.

+ Dance around the house.

+ Read a book / magazine.

+ Go for a run.

+ Meditate.

+ Have a cup of tea.

+ Sit outside, experience natures, get some fresh air.

+ Cook

+ Yoga.

+ Write in a journal.

+ Paint / draw.


What else can you add to the list? What do you enjoy doing? What makes you happy? I encourage you to make your own ’happy book’ I have and just the process of doing it made me happier.


Please leave some comments below I would love to hear what makes you happy and what is in your self care plan.


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